Keep it classy boys, okay?

Importance of Personal Grooming for Millennial Men

This isn't your daddy's dating world.

Things have certainly changed since our parents were dating. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, or fluid, the rules regarding the ways you encounter potential partners aren't what they used to be. People expect their dates to show up to impress, even if that means wearing holey jeans and a tattered t-shirt.

The entire perception around the phrase "well-groomed" has been turned on its head. Man buns are still socially acceptable in some situations, and mismatched patterns work well in the right scenario. What's not okay, however, are dirty nails and significant gardens of growth below the belt. Of course, people aren't going to find out about the latter until it's too late to do anything about it.

If it seems that proper grooming is easier said than done, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you become successful in the dating world. With that said, don't discount the importance of personal grooming, even when you don't have a face-to-face date on your agenda. Getting into a regular routine will boost your confidence and make it easier to maintain a polished look after you've discovered your someone special. 

What do we mean? Let's take a look!

1. Don't Do Your Skin an Injustice

Millennials have grown up with extraordinary skincare products that have revolutionized the way the human epidermis operates. Where it was once acceptable to have slightly dry hands in the winter, people will no longer put up with the chapped look of sad skin.

If you want to make a great first impression on your initial meeting, make sure your hands are shake-worthy. Soft, supple skin could make all the difference when your person decides if you're getting a second date.

2. Clip Your Nails

Maybe you don't care how jagged your nails are, but trust us—she'll care! 

Before you meet your potential mate, make sure you've got a well-manicured set of fingertips. It's a huge turn-off when men have fingernails that look like they've been eaten as an appetizer before the drinks are set down. Nasty nails aren't only a sign that you don't care about your appearance; they'll also scare women away because they paint a portrait of pain most ladies don't want to endure, should the evening be otherwise great.

3. Pay Attention to Your Southern Hemisphere

Maybe you plan on getting laid; maybe you don't. If the stars align just right, you could find yourself in a position where playful follies fill your evening's agenda in fun ways that are worthy of tales the next day.

If your crazy bush scares her away, she's not going to stay.

Head off uncomfortable moments by ensuring your lower half is...ahem...worthy of head.

4. Shower (Yes, It's Important)

Maybe you think you don't smell, or maybe you think you don't smell that bad, but do you really want to risk it? Science says you can't smell yourself most of the time.

If you're a betting man, you should go ahead and bet on the fact that you probably do stink—even if it's just a little bit. Why would you risk it? Instead of sending your body off into the Great Unknowns of the dating world without the added protection of smell-good skin, take a shower. Even if you're not going to go all-out with a sixty-minute sudsing sesh, a quick hit of soap on the essential spots can recover your confidence if nervous moments start to arise.

Since you've already heeded our advice on #3 above, we know your lower parts are properly shaven. Using a combination of soothing aloe and sea salt, the ingredients in this all-over body wash battle dirt, grime, and odor while keeping moisture locked into the parts of the body that need it most.

5. Deodorize Anything That Smells

What's that? Your wanker's trying to patent its own scent? 

That's not abnormal. After a long day of sitting inside your pants, your balls haven't had much of a chance to breathe. Even if you take our advice and shower before your date, your between-the-legs region is cut off from the oxygen that would otherwise help it air out. 

Of course, you'll want to use the traditional kind of deodorant that goes on your armpits, too. After all, you don't want to turn your could-be-awesome night into an awkward goodbye just because you raised your arms up for a hug. Don't forget—showering is just the first step. After that, you still need to protect your skin to ensure you keep the stink at bay. You know your underarms could easily become smelly, especially when the stress of the dating scenario ensues; don't let yourself become a victim of your own lack of vanity. Deodorize. It's not that hard.